The “hunting season” for black cars has been opened in Turkmenistan

Since the beginning of this year in Turkmenistan black cars have been outlawed: the police stop them, and also sends parked cars to the penalty area. The reason lies in the dislike of the head of state towards black, RadioLiberty informs.

A car owner can get his “iron horse” back if he signs some agreement, which obliges him to repaint the car in light color. Naturally, the prices for painting in car repair centers skyrocketed. For a lot of citizens this service will cost very much – the amount equals their salary for the year.

President of the country Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov believes that white color brings happiness, but black – on the contrary. Therefore, in 2015 import of black cars to Turkmenistan was stopped, and in November of last year the government сhanged their fleet to white cars only. Turkmenbashi itself rides exclusively on white-colored vehicles.

There were no official statements about the banning of black cars. However, not so long ago the president expressed his regret over the large number of black cars in the capital, they, in his opinion, spoil the view of the white- marble Ashgabat.

Photo – KIA

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