Global Ranking 2017 Of Car Manufacturing Countries

Data on automobile production in 2017 have been released. In total, automobile plants produced 73.5 million cars worldwide, 1.5 times more than in 2016.

About 25 million cars were off the assembly lines of plants in China – almost 2% more than a year earlier.This Asian country, thus, remained the world’s largest  car manufacturer, ‘number one’ much overtaking others.

Japan followed China: over 8 million cars and an increase of 6%. Germany took the third place (more than 5.5 million cars produced). However, car production fell by 2% last year compared to 2016.

India is at the fourth place in the world ranking of the car manufacturing countries. It managed to rise from the sixth place. A total of 4 million cars were produced in this country (+7% by 2016).

South Korea rounded out the list of top 5 leaders (3.7 million, -3%). The US held the sixth position with the result of a bit more than 3 million cars and a drop in production by 22%. In 2016 this country was included in the TOP 5 (4th place).

Belarus, Venezuela and Bangladesh had got the lowest results among 48 car manufacturing countries.

Source: Ukrautoprom

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