Geely Introduced The Bo Rui GE Flagship Sedan Focused On The Global Market

At the Motor Show in Beijing Geely introduced a new Bo Rui GE flagship sedan. Within the next 3 months it will go on sale in China, and later in other markets of the world, Motor1 reports.

This is the first product developed after Peter Horbury from Volvo became the chief designer of Geely’s new design centers. According to him, the new car is not a reflection of the Western design, but rather demonstrates the tastes in China are changing. Chinese consumers become more mature and sophisticated.

To meet the demands of a new generation of motorists, the brand has grown confidently from a local into a global one, capable of developing segment leaders with a ‘subtle hint of Chinese origin’. The new Geely model has chances to become the first domestic Chinese car to set the bar for the rest of the world to follow.

The Geely Bo Riu GE is positioned as a practical car in the era of new technologies, designed not for the rich to collect, but for people to use. It is available only with a petrol 1.5-liter engine or with a plug-in hybrid powertrain and a seven-speed automatic gearbox.

Peter Horbury told at the Motor Show in Beijing that the front and rear lights were inspired by Chinese lanterns and the ‘twist of a gymnast’s ribbon’, he also noted a ‘expanding cosmos’ grille, an interesting interior with a 12-inch screen fitted flush in the dashboard; metal trim along the front doors, which at night look like a glowing pattern of rectangles.


A touchscreen smart key is offered as an option too – to control some functions.

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