Ford workers were dressed in costumes-exoskeletons

100 employees of the assembly line of the Ford plant in Valencia as special clothing received specially designed costumes-exoskeletons, which allow to easily lift heavy objects, providing support to the back and shoulders, that reduces the probability of injury.

It is expected that elderly employees and those who suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system will benefit primarily of such “futuristic Iron Man’s outfits”. In Europe, 61% of occupational diseases are musculoskeletal ones.

Exoskeletons will be introduced to all Ford plants, and they started with the Spanish plant, where the following models of the brand are produced: Mondeo, Kuga, Galaxy, S-MAX, Transit Connect. When assembling the last, first tests of exoskeletons were carried out.

Such high-tech outfit is made of carbon fiber and titanium. It helps workers lift, move, carry objects heavier than 3 kg, being in an uncomfortable position. Plus it protects, supports, reduces fatigue and the risk of injury.

The first to receive the exoskeleton costumes was a hundred specially selected employees dealing with heavy, inconvenient parts, for example, fuel tanks. Since April, 20 more employees will be dressed in exoskeletons.

Source: Winner Import Ukraine


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