Ford Will Install Hybrid Powertrains On The Transit Van

Ford Transit Custom
Ford has announced the launch of tests of Transit vans with hybrid power units, whose batteries can be recharged from a power grid. the Spanish Valencia is chosen a city in which tests will be held.

Stephen Armstrong, Ford’s President and CEO in Europe, Middle East and Africa, believes that research in Valencia will provide an opportunity to better assess the benefits of hybrid powertrains on commercial vehicles.

Ford Transit Custom PHEV

Ford proceeds to electrify its model range. For the development of green cars it is planned to allocate 11 billion US dollars, and by 2022 the automaker intends to bring to the market 24 hybrid and 16 all-electric models.

So, the tested Ford Transit Custom PHEV got a 1.0-liter petrol EcoBoost engine and an electric motor. It is assumed the van will be able to travel more than 50 km (31 miles) on a single battery charge and only electric powered. The three-cylinder EcoBoost will work both as a source of torque, and as a generator.

Source: Winner Imports Ukraine Ltd, the official importer of Ford cars in Ukraine

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