Ford Wants To Change Its Model Range For The North American Market

Ford intends to change its model range for the markets of the USA and Canada. According to the strategic plan of the American automaker, hatchbacks and sedans will be superseded with pickup trucks and crossovers.

In a few years, 90 percent of Ford model lineup in the North American market will be represented by SUVs, commercial vehicles and, of course, pickups so popular here. Until 2020 the only road cars left will be the Focus Active and the Mustang.

Today, the brand’s range of road cars in the North American market consists of the Fiesta, Fusion and Taurus sedans, the C-Mac compact van, and the Focus hatchback.

Their popularity is less than that of the F-series pickups, or the Escape crossover. For comparison: last year almost 900,000 Ford pickups were sold, but the Fusion sedans – a little more than 200,000.

The company decided to cease the development of the next generations of three-box cars due to a drop in demand for them and, as a result, profits.

Ford is exploring the possibility of manufacturing high seat vehicles with spacious interiors, which do not belong to any modern segment.

The most popular models of the brand, such as the F-150, Mustang, Explorer, Escape and the Bronco, will gradually receive hybrid versions. In addition, following the world trend, Ford plans to present 16 all-electric models by 2022.

Source: Ford

Photo: 2018 Ford F-150

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