Ford Proposed To Pour Rainwater Into The Windshield Washers

Ford engineers took advantage of an idea, proposed by the children Daniel and Lara Krohn from Germany, – to pour rainwater into windshield washers. It will allow to save up to 6 billion liters of water per year just in Europe.

By 2025, according to WHO, half the world’s population will experience a shortage of drinking water, now 40% of people in the world do not get enough water to drink. At the same time, water consumption by vehicles increases: cameras, sensors installed on cars need cleanliness, like windscreen washers, lack of fluid in which can lead to an accident.

9- and 11-year-old Lara and Daniel from the German city of Jülich after the summer rain that flooded everything found the absence of fluid in the washer. The situation seemed ridiculous to them, and they suggested pouring rainwater into the tank.

They tested their know-how on a Ford Focus RS scale model: placed it in an aquarium and installed a pump from a toy fire engine on it, plus added a filtration system to clean the collected water. All worked out perfect.

The idea of ​​collecting rainwater that flows on the car, and reusing it, was awarded a prize at a local scientific competition, and Ford built the first working prototype of a device for a real car.

Engineers of Ford have installed a full-sized device for collecting water on the Ford S-MAX minivan. The rubber tubes connected the lower part of the windshield to the windscreen wiper tank and ensured the collection of water on the test car. The tank is fully filled in 5 minutes of rain.

According to Ford estimates, every owner of a car in Europe uses about 20 liters of water per year to clean the windshield. Given that there are around 300 million cars on European roads today, the invention will help save a huge amount of water.

Specialists of Ford have been already working on their own projects to use rainwater and condensate. For example, the On-the-Go H2o project involves the collection and filtration of water generated during the operation of the car air conditioning system. Water is pumped to the cabin, where a water tap is installed.

Source: Winner Imports Ukraine, Ltd

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