Ford Came Up With Smart Car Windows For The Blind

For the blind and visually impaired people could enjoy the journey in car, Ford came up with smart car windows. The prototype of such a window is based on Feel The View technology, which will help to see the world around you.

This technology was developed by the Ford team in Italy, together with the Roman start-up Aedo, specializing in devices for people with visual impairment.

The scenery behind the car window is photographed, and the photos turn into high-contrast black and white images and are projected onto the car’s glass by means of special light-emitting diodes.

When the passenger touches the window, he feels a vibration – each of 225 shades of gray vibrates with varying degrees of intensity. Such a tactile contact allows passengers to recreate in the imagination the surrounding landscape.

A voice assistant is also integrated in the Ford’s multimedia system. Using artificial intelligence algorithms, it accompanies creating an image on the glass with an audio description of the surroundings.

Source: Winner Import Ukraine, Ltd, the official distributor of Ford cars in Ukraine

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