The first pre-production BMWs X7 have been assembled in the USA

The first pre-sale samples of the latest X7 crossover are assembled at the BMW plant in Spartanburg, located in the state of South Carolina (USA). After 12 months production of the brand’s flagship should reach full capacity.

The conceptual version of the BMW X7 has already been shown in early autumn of last year. The commercial crossover will officially debut at the end of this year, as expected.

Prototypes of BMW’s largest crossover have undergone extensive testing, including extreme conditions.

Knudt Flor, a director of the plant in Spartanburg, commenting on the beginning of the test assembly of the BMW X7, noted that “this is a very special car, and our staff is looking forward to another member of the X family.”

At the plant in South Carolina today large off-road cars of BMW – the X5 and X6 are already made. As for the X7, it will be produced on the same production line as its “younger brothers”. It is from the US that the car will be delivered to all other continents.

After assembly, finished cars are transferred to the development department specialists for homologation (improvement of technical characteristics for compliance with standards, etc.).

A large test program will then be carried out, which includes tests for endurance and test drives in the extreme conditions of the desert regions of the Death Valley or the ice and snow-covered slopes of Scandinavia.

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