The First Details About The New Porsche 911 Have Been Unveiled

Porsche has revealed the first details about the next generation of its iconic 911 sports car, calling it ‘a bastion of stability that will ‘evolve’ rather than change dramatically, Motor 1 reports.

The ‘992’ version will be presented this year, but while fans of the model can contemplate the images of the novelty, true, in motley camouflage, which, however, does not hide the 911’s trademark features – round headlights and a curved rear part. With almost unchanged exterior, the car can get a number of new technologies, as they hinted in the company.

According to Porsche’s product director August Achleitner, digital technologies, electrification, innovations in the field of connectivity play a role, but they, first of all, should suit the character of Porsche 911, its essence, especially when it comes to individual assistance systems.

The ‘992’ version will have a lane-keeping system and an adaptive cruise control, but  customers can always turn them off if they wish. Mr. Achleitner has denied rumors that this generation of the 911 will be equipped with an electric motor.

At the heart of the Porsche’s 911 (992) powertrain a rear-mounted flat 6-cylinder engine will remain, though the model can get the electric modification in the future.

The company has got a prototype of the Mission E electric sports car and the Porsche LMP race car with hybrid drive systems, which showed themselves well. Therefore, Porsche will continue working towards the gradual electrification of its model range.

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