Fee For Dieselgate: Volkswagen Is Fined In Germany For 1 Billion Euros

Volkswagen Golf Variant
Due to manipulations with harmful emissions data of Volkswagen diesel-powered cars, the automaker was fined for 1 billion euros to be paid to the German authorities, the Reuters reports.

The official announcement of the German company says that after a thorough check, Volkswagen agrees with the fine, recognizes responsibility, is ready to overcome the diesel crisis and will not appeal.

The amount of compensation for illegally obtained profits will be 995 million euros, plus 5 million euros of the fine itself.

Still in 2015 Volkswagen was accused in deliberate underestimation of harmful emissions of diesel models with the help of software. The consequences for the concern are very serious: billions of fines in various countries (25 billion only in the USA), the retirement of the leadership, the arrest of top managers accused in falsification, the recall of 11 million cars.

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