Experts Named The Best Car Gadgets That Save Money

Experts of the Auto Express named the seven best gadgets for cars. Some of them contribute to lower fuel consumption, while others reduce insurance costs – in one way or another, in the long run, they will help car owners save money.

1. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

All cars after 2014 are equipped with it in the standard. But if the car is old, you have to check the pressure manually. Leaking in tires means, in the end, a drain on money. About 20 percent of the fuel is spent to overcome the rolling resistance, and it increases if the tire pressure is low, which directly affects the budget. Having bought TPMS with aftermarket service, the client will feel financial benefit after 18 months.

2. Dash cam

It is a popular fast-growing accessory. New generations appear every few months, obtaining more and more new features. A useful thing in the case of a road accident, as it makes getting insurance payments easier and faster.

3. Satellite navigator

The TomTom, Garmin or other navigators will help you choose the best route and not to lose time in traffic jams and spend excess fuel, especially if they are with advanced Speed Camera Alert system. Particularly relevant for drivers which ride long distances.

4. OBD protection

Today thieves can get electronically to a new car, not just through the window as before. The steering lock can be a relatively inexpensive and simple way to protect against thefts, it will save money and eliminate the inconveniences caused by hijacking.

It will be good to purchase a protector for the on-board diagnostic port. This entry point, used for dealer maintenance, allows thieves to connect and clone keys or even drive a car. The purchase and installation will not be cheap, but it’s better than a stolen car.

5. Eco-driving 

A training course for correct economical driving. Very popular in western countries. It is claimed that eco-driving saves up to 15 persent of fuel.

6. Telematics app

Used by auto insurers in order to assess the driving style of the insured and subsequently accrue to him an annual insurance premium or provide a discount.

The costs for such applications are minimal, most of them are free of charge, for example Octo U Telematics or the new Shotgun application from Direct Line. In fact, they turn the smartphone into an onboard ‘black box’ and track the driving style, including speed, ride, location and times of day.

7. GPS tracker

One of the ways to improve the chances of finding a stolen car and reduce the financial losses. It is not cheap (about 340 dollars) for the base system. But for the owner of an expensive car, which is a target for thieves, the initial costs for this equipment can pay off in the long run.

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