Experts Made Up the TRUE Rating Of Diesel And Petrol Cars Emissions

Volkswagen Golf Variant
The ICCT non-profit organization (The International Council on Clean Transportaion) published the results of a study of automobile emissions in real road conditions – the so-called TRUE rating.

The goal of the initiative is to provide true data on vehicle emissions obtained not in the laboratory, on the basis of which automakers issue their conformity certificates, but in the real world, to raise awareness of the true scale of harmful NOx emissions.

The researchers tested several thousand cars of different brands of standards from Euro 3 to Euro 6 in different operating conditions and with various driving styles. For clarity, symbols of green, yellow and red colors are used (see the picture), which mean a good, moderate and poor NOx emission level, respectively.

The three-color TRUE rating is to help potential buyers or city authorities as a simple tool for determining the environmental friendliness of vehicles.

The cars are grouped according to the type of fuel and the European standard. From Euro 3 to Euro 5 all diesel cars received a red TRUE rating (high emissions). For Euro 6 cars, approximately every 10 diesel-powered one has a yellow color (moderate emissions).

Unlike diesel vehicles, the figures of petrol vehicles are improved with each subsequent emission standard. Only 3% of Euro 3 petrol vehicles got a green TRUE rating (low emissions), but almost two-thirds of Euro 6 petrol vehicles are green, and none of them got a red TRUE rating.

We’d like to remind that in Europe sales of cars with diesel engines are constantly declining since mid-2015, after it was revealed that Volkswagen manupulated the level of emissions of harmful substances.

The ICCT data confirm that even cars of the latest Euro 6 standard on’ heavy’ fuels are not safe for the environment.

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