Experts defined the real driving range of the new Nissan Leaf

2018 Nissan Leaf
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which monitors compliance to environmental standards, including car certification, has set the official driving range of the second-generation Nissan Leaf to 151 miles (243 km).

This is the distance that the popular electric car can drive on a single charge of 40-kWh battery. Thus, the actual figure is even more than the claimed 150 miles (241 km) according to EPA.

It should be noted that the US EPA methodology is very close to real driving conditions, so a figure of 243 km can be considered a guaranteed power reserve/driving range.

For comparison: according to the New European Driving Cycle, the new Leaf must pass 378 km without recharging, but the results of the NEDC are rather conditional and good, rather, for comparing of different models.

We can add that the second-generation Leaf, which proved to be much more popular than its predecessor, has recently won its first award: the authoritative car magazine What Car? called it the Electric Vehicle of the Year.

Seven years earlier, the model had already won in the similar category of the same What Car? – Ultra Low Carbon Award.

The Nissan Leaf without exaggeration can be called a “star” car – it won 114 different awards in total.

Photo – Nissan