Every Fifth American Wants To Become The Owner Of An Electric Vehicle

The American Automobile Association (AAA) – a federation of motor clubs, which includes more than 58 million motorists, conducted an interesting poll on Twitter. People were asked what kind of car they would prefer to buy in the next 5 years: petrol-, diesel- or electric-powered (including plug-in hybrids).

Every fifth respondent voted for an all-electric or plug-in hybrid car, thus confirming the trend of progressive growth in the popularity of electrified vehicles. Although the share of EVs in the US market is still insignificant – only 1% of all sales.

Nevertheless, according to the poll, in the next 5 years the share of electric vehicles will increase to 20%, and this is about 65 million buyers in the United States.

According to the result of a similar poll last year, 15% of respondents would have chosen an electric car, that is, the number of EV fans among Americans increased by about 5% over the year. The Tesla Model X 75D is the most wanted electric car.

Factors that keep people from buying cars with electric traction are several: a high price,  low driving range on a single charge and few charging points.

As automakers have been actively working on increasing the power reserve, optimizing prices and developing the infrastructure of charging stations for electric vehicles, it can be expected that customer demand for them will grow from year to year.

Photo: 2017 Tesla Model X