Europe Will No Longer Have Diesel Nissans

Nissan has decided to cease selling cars with diesel engines in the European market, the Reuters reports.

Demand for such cars among Europeans has been steadily declining, and the requirements for emissions have been toughened. Of course, the refusal from diesel engines will be gradual. To begin with, the staff of a large Nissan’s plant in the British Sunderland will be cut.

However, as noted in Nissan, it’s too early to talk about the full sunset of the era of diesel engines. This, if it ever be, will happen in the long run. Nissan is not the first automaker to abandon the ‘heavy’ fuel.

Previously Volvo Cars stated that it would no longer invest in the development of diesel and petrol motors, and their current generations will be the last. Instead, the company has opted for electrification and intends to produce at least two hybrid versions for each of its models.

However, there are companies that believe that diesel engines have a future if they are modernized and made safer and more economical. Bosch engineers, for example, propose using an active thermal control technology that maintains the optimum temperature in the EGR system.

Photo: Nissan Qashqai

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