Europe Strikes A Blow At Diesel Cars

There are already more than 20 cities in the world that are going to prohibit diesel cars entering their territory, and their quantity grows. The other day (Tuesday), the German court allowed German cities to impose bans, and today it has become known that Rome intends to join the ranks of opponents of diesel engines.

The Mayor of the Italian capital, Virginia Raggi, has claimed this at the Climate Summit of the C40 Group in Mexico, meaning a complete ban on the use of diesel cars in the center of Rome since 2024.

Earlier, according to Deutsche Welle, the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig by its decision allowed the authorities of cities, regions and communities of Germany to impose a ban on the entry of such vehicles.

The case was prosecuted according to a claim of German environmentalists wishing to achieve appropriate restrictions, in particular in Stuttgart and Dusseldorf – cities with a level of air pollution above the norm.

The era of engines on heavy fuel is leaving, and the first to strike a blow is Germany – the country where the first diesel engine was invented by an engineer Rudolf Diesel.

In addition to cities, automakers also started refusing diesel engines: Volvo will not invest in development of internal combustion engines, Porsche and FCA have already announced the termination of production of diesel cars.

Who will be next?…

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