How do they encourage the purchase of electric vehicles in France?

For the past 12 months in France, almost 30.000 new electric vehicles have been sold. The country is the leader in Europe by this indicator, according to the European Alternative Fuels Observatory. The French buy every fourth electric car on the continent. What is the reason for the popularity of green cars in this country?

In the Ukrainian office of Renault they note that to stimulate sales of electric cars in France certain benefits are provided. Buying an electric car implies a subsidy: the state will compensate 6.000 euros and 4.000 euros more can be received for the sale of an old diesel car (over 10 years old).

2017 Renault Zoe

2017 Renault Zoe

Renault is involved in a number of projects to install public charging points and works with government agencies and other participants in the field of electric mobility.

At the moment, there are more than 100.000 public charging points around the world, including 80.000 in Europe, and the number is constantly growing.

On June 5, 2017 in London, Renault and Powervault – a British company to develop integrated solar energy storage announced a partnership with the re-use of electric vehicle batteries.

Powervault is the company that produces innovative home battery systems that allow homeowners to accumulate and store solar energy in batteries.

As it’s known, after the use of electric vehicle batteries, they can be reused in homes to store electricity in the event of a temporary shutdown or to optimize costs. For example, to accumulate electricity at the time of the lowest tariff for the cost of electricity, and spend it during peak loads on the electricity grid.

Nicolas Schottey, a Program Director for the launch of Renault’s electric vehicle infrastructure:


Through this partnership to store home energy with Powervault, Renault adds a new brick to the global strategy for the second life of its batteries, covering a wide range of applications: from industrial to residential buildings. The second life offers not only an additional period of using batteries for electric transport to recycling, but also allows consumers to save money. Everybody will benefit from this – owners of cars and houses, as well as the planet.


The partnership between Renault and Powervault is beneficial for both sides. In addition to reducing the cost of manufacturing Powervault intelligent battery by 30%, the use of second generation batteries optimizes the life cycle of Renault batteries and reduces the cost of their recycling.

 Source – Renault Ukraine Company