Used Batteries From The Nissan Leaf Will Serve In Street Lamps

2018 Nissan Leaf

Nissan has come up with a solution of how to apply the old batteries from the Nissan Leaf electric car: instead of recycling they will be used in street lamps according to the Reborn Light project. This project is being implemented by the Japanese automaker jointly with its subsidiary 4R Energy Corporation, providing a program of Namye village recovery. It […]


Actual Fuel Consumption May Be 75% Higher Than Official Figures – Experts

Ford Fiesta

According to new data, drivers may spend 75% more fuel than the official figures on the consumption of their cars show, the British Motor 1 informs. Carly (connected car app company) released data for more than 1 million vehicles around the world: annually growing discrepancies observed from 2004 to 2016 between the official figures and the real efficiency. The most […]


Hyundai Fears Driverless Vehicles

Hyundai believes the equipment of cars with the technologies of autonomous driving should be treated very carefully. The South Korean automaker, in general, boldly introduces any innovations, but the idea of ​​driverless vehicles is accepted with a certain pessimism. Doubts arose after the incident in the US, where last week an unmanned car, developed jointly by Volvo and Uber, killed […]


A New Petrol Engine For The Volkswagen Golf Is Considered To Be Better Than A Diesel One

Volkswagen has added a new petrol engine to the motor range of the Golf hatchback. The automaker claims that its efficiency is higher than that of a diesel engine of similar capacity, the Motor 1 informs. The new motor is called TSI ACT BlueMotion. The company reports it is 10% more efficient than a standard 1.5-liter petrol one. The technology of […]

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