Chery Promises High-Speed 5G Connection In Cars In The Coming Years

At the Motor Show in Beijing Chery’s subbrand Jetour presents a prototype of the X SUV, which has advanced connectivity technologies. It is about the in-car support of  high-speed mobile communication of the fifth generation (5G).

The company says the series versions of two SUVs – seven-seater Jetour X90 and a coupe-like five-seater Jetour X95 – will be developed based on this concept.

The Jetour X looks quite futuristic: inflated wings, sharp edges, lightning-shaped LED optics, 22-inch wheels, cameras in place of the side mirrors. The concept has tinted windows and hidden car door handles. Apparently, the interior of the new car will not be shown to us yet.

The Jetour X supports the 5G standard. It is equipped with iPeL (Intelligent Platform e-network Light) with the function of biometric recognition of the user’s face.

China intends to introduce a 5G network for commercial purposes in 2020-2021. In the meantime, in the near future pilot projects to test the fifth generation of mobile communication will be launched in this country.

Chery’s plans for its subbrand are ambitious: until 2022 four crossover, three minivans and several EVs  (including with hydrogen fuel cells) from Jetour have to be marketed.