The Byton electric SUIV will be equipped with an advanced autopilot

At the January Auto Show in Los Angeles the Chinese Byton company demonstrated a prototype of its debut electric SUV.

The Byton Concept EV in addition to an aggressive exterior design with a  panoramic roof is remembered by a huge 40-inch driver’s display and a powerful electric powertrain.

The car has a whole set of technological features, among which there are cameras that recognize the owner’s face, external indicators to warn pedestrians about approaching, virtual rear-view mirrors, etc.

The cabin is very ergonomic. A multimedia system, a climate control and other systems can be controlled using the touch screen and voice commands and gestures.

With the start of sales in China in 2019 the third-level autopilot will be available to buyers, but the crossover is promised to provide the fourth-level autonomous driving system by 2021.

In Byton they chose the technological startup Aurora from Silicon Valley, which is developing similar systems for Volkswagen and Hyundai.

The serial version of the Byton electric SUV will cost from $45,000.

The vehicle in the base rear-wheel drive version will have a 272-hp electric motor and a battery of 71 kWh, with a driving range of 400 km (250 miles). A more powerful all-wheel drive version will be equipped with an electric powertrain with a battery of 95 kWh and a total output of 476 hp. The SUV will be able to drive up to 520 km (325 miles) on one charge.

Source: Engadget, Byton

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