Budgetary Three-Wheeled Electric Model Sondors Is Shown On A New Video

The original 3-wheeled electric car of Sondors Electric Car Company has been shown in the next commercial video. Its prototype was presented at last year’s auto show in Los Angeles. It is positioned as a cheap competitor to Tesla.

Indeed, the declared initial price of the Model Sondors is from $10,000. Several variants of batteries of different capacity are available. The driving range on a single charge is 120 km for the base model. If you pay extra $3,000, you will receive a power reserve 2 times more (240 km), and for $6,000 the driving range will be increased 3 times (up to 320 km).

The vehicle is charged from an ordinary outlet. It accelerates from 0 to 62 miles (100 km) in maximum 8 seconds, which is good for such a non-standard three-wheeled creature.

The electric motor of 170 hp (350 kW) is located at the rear, the drive is front-wheel.
Pre-orders acceptance started in January this year. A serial car will be launch to production in a year (April 2019).

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