The British are preparing to present their new hypercar

At the upcoming Auto Show in Geneva, which opens its doors in March, the presentation of the new McLaren Senna hypercar will take place. Now there are some data on the technical characteristics of the novelty, as well as its cost.

The model has a bright dinamic exterior, in front there are large headlights and air intakes. Huge Pirelli P Zero Trofeo tyres are are on the sides.

Under the hood there is a turbocharged 4-liter engine, it develops record 800 hp. To accelerate to 100 km it takes less than 3 seconds. The claimed maximum speed is 340 km/h.

The McLaren Senna is equipped with a special exhaust system, an active hydraulic suspension and carbon-ceramic brakes. Being a hypercar,  it is released in the limited series – just 500 units.

The cost of the car is also known, it will be from 760,000 pounds (about 857,000 euros).

Even after the presentation, when the car is seen by a wide audience, experts and fans of unique vehicles, nobody will be able to buy it. The fact is that all cars are sold, even before the official show. The names of the lucky buyers have not been announced.

In the picture: McLaren Senna (2019)

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