The British experts named the best-to-buy used BMW cars

2011 BMW 5-Series
The BMW models are perfectly sold in the primary market, and are also popular in the segment of used cars. Journalists of the British What Car? determined the best-to-buy used BMW cars in different price categories.

There is a reason why the Bavarian brand cars are among the most popular in the world. They perfectly combine the pleasure of driving with first-class engineering solutions, classy and comfortable interiors plus powerful engines. In addition, BMW is prestigious.

In their study experts defined four price ranges: up to $2,800 (£2,000), up to $6,900 (£5,000), up to $13,800 (£10,000) and up to $35,000 (£25,000).

So, the best option for a buyer who has below $3,000 to buy a BMW car, the British consider the BMW 3-Series of 1998-2007 model years.

2002 BMW 3-Series

Good variants are also considered to be the BMW 1-Series (2004-2011) and the BMW 5-Series (1996-2004).

2008 BMW 1-Series 3-door

2001 BMW 5-Series

In the category of up to 6,900 dollars, the top three looks like this: the BMW 5-Series (2003-2011), the BMW 7-Series (2001-2008) and the BMW X5 (any year).

2004 BMW 530i

2006 BMW 750i

2011 BMW X5

If the budget for buying of an used BMW approaches $14,000, then the journalists from the UK recommend the BMW 3-Series (2005-2015), the BMW 1-Series (from 2011 and younger) and the BMW Z4 (2009 and younger).

2009 BMW 3-Series

2013 BMW 1-Series 3-door

2010 BMW Z4

And, finally, the best variants at a price of up to 35,000 dollars. The BMW X3 SUV (from 2010 and younger) is in the lead. The BMW 5-Series (2010-2017) and the BMW i3 electric car are recommended too.

2011 BMW X3

2014 BMW 5-Series

2014 BMW i3

As you can see, the most preferable option for any budget is the BMW 5-Series.

Let’s remind that the most popular model of the brand in the primary market for today is the BMW 3-Series.

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