BMW is preparing to produce two green versions of the X3 SUV

When in the summer of 2017 BMW introduced the new generation of the X3 SUV, plug-in hybrid and electric modifications of the model were announced. Today, the X3 PHEV and the iX3 prototypes have been undergoing road tests, during which they fell into sight of  photo spies.

Both prototypes are being run in winter conditions. There is no camouflage, except for the white color of the bodies, which, on the background of snow, can go for disguise.

The future BMW X3 PHEV, like the all-electric BMW iX3, has a port for charging from an external power source. This is the main external difference of green crossovers from the base car.

The plug-in hybrid version will have the same powertrain as the BMW 330e iPerformance sedan – a 2.0-liter turbocharged V4 and an electric motor. By the way, the hybrid X3 has been sold well in Europe and constantly enters the TOP 10 of this segment.

An information about the electrical BMW iX3 is practically absent: neither about the capacity of the batteries, nor about the engine power and driving range. The only thing known is that the SUV will go on sale in two years.

The market debut of the X3 PHEV hybrid is expected earlier – at the end of 2018 – early 2019.

Green crossovers will be produced at the same plant in American Spartanburg, where they assemble the X3, X5 and the flagship X7, as well as the Z4 roadster.

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