Autonomous Vehicles With No Steering Wheel Unlikely Appear Until 2045

Volkswagen Sedric Concept
The European Commission believes that fully autonomous cars, in which there won’t even be a steering wheel, appear on European roads no earlier than 2045.

At the FT Future of the Car Summit EU Commissioner Violeta Bulc suggested that cars with autopilot would gradually appear on the roads withing the next quarter of a century. However, It is not worth expecting the arrival of autonomous vehicles with no steering before 2045, according to the European Commissioner, the Auto Express reports.

By 2030 a mixed type with automatic and classic traffics will be introduced, Bulz explained In the automated vehicles of the near future there will be a steering wheel, and you can take control.

It probably takes 10 or 15 years to have absolute autonomous mobility, which means no steering.

The member of the European Commission also said the EU hoped to avoid accidents with autonomous cars available on self-service. The latter had taken place in the United States and attracted the attention of the media around the world.

Violeta Bulz summed up,

Now we need to think about the elderly, disabled people and children. Their behavior is much more unpredictable. Therefore, I advocate stage-by-stage testing, and then a gradual increase in the proportion of autonomous vehicles.