5 Facts You Need Yo Know About The 2019 Skoda Fabia

The updated Skoda Fabia will soon enter the market. The Czech automaker has already completely unveiled its appearance and demonstrated to the general public in the metal at the Geneva Motor Show. What changes have taken place? AutoUniversum singled out 5 main, in our opinion, innovations.

First of all, this is a lighting equipment. The design of both the headlights and rear lights has been rethought a little. Now they are made on LED elements, which, in addition to improving the quality and power of a light beam, has made it possible to introduce an electronic system of auto-transition to a low beam in the case of oncoming vehicles.

Besides, it is worth noting new 18-inch wheels, which look very expressive, perhaps even more than necessary for the home-family Skoda Fabia.

The second fact. This is an information and entertainment system. Now it includes a 6.5-inch sensor. Plus Bluetooth, USB and SD-ports, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and even MirrorLink services in the set above the level of Swing Plus.

The third fact. There are additional USB-ports and holders for tablets for the rear passengers. All glasses are automatic now.

The fourth fact is new active safety systems. It is a system for monitoring blind areas and a warning of cross traffic from behind. These options were not provided before.

And, finally, the fifth fact is new engines in the powertrain. They are two 3-cylinder ones. The first is an aspirated MPI (60 or 75 hp to choose), the second is a turbocharged 1.0 TSI (95 or 110 hp).

The 2019 Skoda Fabia will start to arrive to dealers this spring. Information about the price will be available later.

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