4 Reasons to Pay Attention To The Hot Ford Fiesta ST

Ford has reported additional details about the technologies that are first used in the new-generation Ford Fiesta ST hot hatch. Three of them, as well as the engine, deserve special attention.

The third generation of the hot Fiesta is developed by the Ford Performance division to ensure on one hand the practicality of daily use and economy, and on the other hand – a real drive of a hot hatch. What new technologies and design solutions do experts pay attention to?

First of all, it is a Quaife mechanical differential of increased friction, providing an optimized grip on the surface in turns.

The mechanical system limits the transfer of engine torque to a wheel with a reduced grip (for example, the wheel is on the inner turning radius) in order to reduce slippage, and most of the engine torque is transmitted to the wheel with better grip, which allows the full use of the dynamic potential of the powertrain.

The new limited slip differential, available as an option, will work in tandem with Torque Vectoring Control. The latter improves the course stability in turns and compensates for understeer, braking the front wheel from the inner turning radius.

Secondly, unique force vectoring springs. They improve the course stability, maneuverability and sensitivity of a rear semi-independent suspension.

The Fiesta ST is the first hot hatchback of a compact class, in which this technology is applied. Its feature is the use of non-standard non-interchangeable springs of directional winding, providing a redistribution of lateral forces when turning on the rear suspension and directing them into the springs to increase the transverse rigidity.

The third factor is a system for providing a quick start – Launch Control. The name speaks for itself. Here it is worth noting the presence of a separate graphic display on the instrument panel.

And, finally, an engine. This is a completely new development. The 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine from the EcoBoost family develops up to 200 hp.

For the first time the motor on 3 cylinders received a system of their partial deactivation. It provides an additional reduction in fuel consumption.

Besides, an active exhaust valve provides increased motor sound. It is clear that the hot hatch should not peep, but ‘excite with a growl’.

The third-generation Ford Fiesta ST will go on sale this spring.

Source – Winner Imports Ukraine, Ltd, the official importer of Ford in Ukraine

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