300,000 Diesel Volkswagens Stand In The Graveyards For Cars In The USA

The Volkswagen Group stores nearly 300,000 cars, which was forced to buy from owners, at 37 safe storage sites throughout the United States, the Automotive News Europe report with reference to the Reuters.

The diesel scandal with the German automaker flared up three years ago. Now we see how the world’s largest car company is trying to improve the situation. Diesel Volkswagens are, of course, not in real dumps for cars, and no one is going to dispose of them, but the picture is bleak.

Temporary VW parking lots include Detroit’s closed suburban football stadium, a former paper mill in Minnesota and a bleached desert cemetery near Victorville, California.

The representative of VW Jeannine Ginivan said that vehicles were stored on a temporary basis. They are “regularly maintained in such a way as to ensure their long-term performance and quality so that they can be returned to commerce or exported after US regulators approve the appropriate emission changes.”

In total, VW agreed to spend more than $25 billion in the USA on claims of owners, environmental regulators, individual states and car dealers. The company offered to redeem about 500,000 diesel cars in the US. The ransom will continue until the end of 2019.

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